But not sure where to start?

tell me do you


Of a growing belly, ultrasounds photos, tiny kicks in the ribs and even of morning sickness?!

And then holding your sweet, healthy baby in your arms,

A tiny little chubby baby hand wrapped around your finger?

dreaming of finally seeing that positive pregnancy test,


Is it pineapple core, plant-based, gluten-free, grapefruit juice?! 

You don't know what a fertility-friendly diet looks like

You've got irregular cycles or you don't know if or when you're ovulating .


You want to do everything you can but don't know where to start or what to believe. 


Trying to conceive can leave you feeling helpless.

You think about getting pregnant everyday but you can only actually try to get pregnant a few days a month.

The rest of the time it all feels so out of your control.

But sometimes getting there isn't so easy...

AND Tweaking your diet is the most effective way you can improve your fertility 

There are things you can do everyday that will get you closer

ready for The good news?

And making some small but specific tweaks to your diet is the best place to start.

Research shows us what you eat and drink today has a huge impact on if and when you conceive and the health of your future pregnancy and baby. 

A 8-week fertility program that will take you from feeling helpless to mastering your cycles, understanding exactly what to eat and knowing you are doing everything you can to get pregnant faster.

by Foodbaby

optimising Ovulation


Hear from our past students:


One study showed that by making 5 little diet changes you could improve your fertility by up to 69%!

I’ve looked beyond those changes so you can improve your fertility by even MORE than this!

Optimising your diet for fertility doesn’t mean you have to stop eating the food you love.

It's not about restriction or extreme diets, just small changes with huge impacts.

Wanna know a secret?

Is to get your body as ready as possible for that pregnancy + get you the baby you've been dreaming of. 

The ultimate end goal though?

You’ll gain confidence in understanding your cycles

You'll ovulate more often and know exactly when

You'll feel in control of your fertility

You'll find meal-planning and choosing fertility friendly meals easy (and not restrictive)

You'll know your diet is boosting your fertility every single day

You'll stop wasting time googling and stop spending money on trying things that don't even work

My framework shows you exactly what you need to do + teaches you how to do it, easily.

We start with understanding hormones and learning cycle tracking. You’ll learn about ovulation and its importance and how lifestyle affects your hormones, ovulation and fertility.

Your Cycles

week 1-2


my Three part framework:


Now you understand and can track your cycles, we bring in the lifestyle component of the course. Firstly, it’s important to understand how your lifestyle affects your hormones, cycles and ovulation. 

How lifestyle affects ovulation

An explanation of all the possible ways you can track your cycles to know if and when you are ovulation. What to look out for to confirm ovulation and what indicates that ovulation might not have occurred.  Knowing your body is the first step to taking back control of your fertility.

cycle tracking

Learn about what goes on in your body every cycle (and why), including what’s normal, what it might mean if your cycles aren’t quite normal and what to do about it.

Understanding your cycles

The Three Pillars are the key ways our diet affects fertility. You’ll learn why and the easiest, most effective ways to optimise your diet for blood sugar balance, reduce inflammation and keep your gut bugs happy.

The Three

week 3-5


More and more evidence is emerging on the importance of having a healthy microbiome. You’ll learn how to keep your gut bugs happy and why that’s important for fertility.

Healthy microbiome

Chronic inflammation interferes with our hormones and ovulation and harms our eggs. Learn the easiest ways you can reduce inflammation.

reducing inflammation

Your blood sugars have a huge impact on fertility, even if you don’t have diabetes or PCOS. I’ve got all the best tricks to easily keep your blood sugars balanced as I worked as a diabetes dietitian and credentialed diabetes educator. (Don’t worry this doesn’t involve eliminating carbs!)

Blood sugar balance

We go even deeper into exactly what to eat, on a week-to-week and day-to-day basis. This is tailored to you, not some one-size-fits-all approach.
It will leave you feeling confident that you are eating exactly what you need to be.

Exactly How To Eat

week 5 - 8


You’ve got questions about proteins, right? Should you be plant-based? Dairy-free? Soy-free? What about eggs? Can you eat red meat still? We answer them all in this lesson, so you can be sure you’re eating the right protein sources to support your fertility.


This lesson ties in closely with what we discuss in blood sugar balance but we go even deeper into the details here. Bread, rice, sugar, fruit, soft drinks… It’ll answer all your question on exactly what carbs you should be eating while trying to get pregnant and how much.


ICYMI you need fat for fertility. But not all fats are created equal. I break down the good, the great and the ugly in this lesson and give you all the details on what fats you should be eating and how much.


The most important prenatal vitamin gets a lesson all to itself. We discuss why it’s so important, food sources of folate as well as the different types and what you need to know about folate supplements.


no snake oil, no fluff, no myths here. just things that have actually been *proven* to help fertility and prep for the healthiest pregnancy possible.

everything is based on cold, hard science

My fertility plate + meal planning guide, weekly task + goal sheets and a HABIT TRACKer to keep you accountable but not overwhelmed. both visual and written guides so you never need to take notes.
(Valued at Over $400)


Developed in the Foodbaby kitchen for the sole purpose of supporting your goals and making it easy -- and delicious -- to Optimise ovulation.
(Valued $49)


It includes these one of a kind features

That’s not all, because I want to make it super easy for you to take back control of your fertility, I’m also giving you these incredible bonuses:

valued at $268

Access to my pre-recorded supplements workshop to watch any time, so you can feel confident in choosing supplements that are right for you. It’s likely to save you money, as you’ll also learn what you don’t actually need!

Fertility Supplements 101 Workshop

valued at $591

Three extra live coaching workshops that cover bonus content plus I'll answer all of your questions, so you’ll never feel stuck. (But you don't have to turn on your video, unmute yourself or change out of your PJs if you don't want to!)

Live Group Coaching Sessions

valued at $220

My eyes on your chart! So you'll never need to spend hours trying to work out if and when you ovulated ever again! You'll get an explanation of what I see and what it means for you. Plus, I'll explain how you can see it yourself next time. 

3x Personal Chart Reviews


Over $3500 worth of value

A cashflow friendly payment plan

$92 USD



Save $54 when you pay in full. 

$498 USD

one-time payment of

best value

ready to get pregnant? 

previous students 

After my own struggles starting a family, I quit my day job and devoted my life to helping other people start or grow their families. 

Your new TTC bestie. I’m a fertility dietitian and ovulation expert.  I help people trying to conceive to ovulate so they can get pregnant and finally have their dream babies.

Hi, I'm AMI.

meet your fertility guide

One that helps regulate your cycles and gets you ovulating more regularly

One that is based on science (not old wives tales and what worked for Sally on Instagram)

One that is not about restriction, just small tweaks with BIG impacts

One that was created by a dietitian who has been there and knows TTC can be hard AF

Optimising Ovulation is a new way to APPROACH your fertility journey

One thing I know for sure:
There are things you can do everyday that get you closer to holding that baby in your arms.

Hear from our past students:

you've got questions

Does it matter where I live?

Nope, the program is open to anyone around the world! I’ll survey the group to find a time for the lives that suits most people but you can always catch the replays and submit your questions beforehand if the time doesn’t suit you.

What's the time commitment?

I’ve kept the program to essential information only, so you won’t be stuck listening to hours of content each week. The pre-recorded course videos for each week are less than 30 minutes long. You’ll need a little extra time to do the activities (5-10 minutes) and engage in discussions. Each live session will go for about 45-60 mins depending on questions.

When does it start and end?

You’ll get access to the course as soon as you sign up. Doors close at 11.59pm on 11th March so we can kick off our first live session, the following week, on Monday 14th March. We encourage you to keep up the momentum and finish the course in 8 weeks but we know life gets in the way sometimes. So you’ll get access to the course for a full 6 months.

CAn i join later?

The earlier you start your fertility-friendly diet the better. We’re born with all our eggs and our lifestyle always affects them, but especially in the ~3 months it takes for an egg to mature. It’s also super important to understand your cycles and start supporting regular ovulation before or as soon as you start trying to conceive.

Plus research shows your lifestyle in the preconception period affects the health of your pregnancy and the health of your child —for the rest of their life! What you do now has a huge impact. The strategies in Optimising Ovulation are designed not only to help you get pregnant faster but also to have the healthiest pregnancy possible.

You only have until midnight AEST 11th March to join this intake of the course. I’m running it with a small group now so I can give all my attention to those inside the course. I won’t be opening the doors again until later this year– I’m not sure when yet and the course will be going up in price when I do.

how much extra will i need to spend on supplements etc?

The tweaks you’ll make in the program are designed to fit around your existing diet. You won’t need to go out and buy fancy health foods or expensive supplements in order to tweak your diet for fertility. In fact, watching the bonus Fertility Supplements 101 Workshop is likely to save you money as you’ll learn which supplements you don’t actually need for fertility.

I've tried diets and can never stick to them. Is Optimising Ovulation a diet plan?

No. Optimising ovulation will teach you how to tweak your diet for fertility without restriction. We are not about cutting out food groups or denying you coffee or a glass of wine or your favourite foods. Trying to conceive is hard enough without adding complicated food rules in too.

I have dietary requirements can i still do the program?

It is not some theoretical fluff course.

It's gives you step-by-step actions to take that lead to tangible results - regular cycles, ovulation and BFPs. 

Optimising ovulation is for those ready to make a change

Anyone who is not willing to make small changes to their diet.

Those looking for a magic fertility pill. Optimising Ovulation makes following a fertility-friendly diet as easy as possible but you will have to watch the videos, set goals and make tweaks yourself.

You won’t as much benefit to you if you are currently undergoing IVF, as ovulation is manipulated with drugs during an IVF cycle. However, if you are trying between  cycles you will definitely benefit.

It’s not for those on hormonal contraception (as you won’t be ovulating!)

If you require intensive individualised support (for for multiple reproductive conditions with complex dietary requirements), the 'Plus consults' option (below) will be better suited to you.


Those who are actively or about to start trying to get pregnant, including those who are struggling to conceive or have had pregnancy losses.

Someone who wants to do everything they can to get pregnant and have the healthiest pregnancy possible.

It is only for those who are willing to make some changes to their diet in order to improve their fertility.

Those who are not sure if and when they are ovulating, have irregular, long or short cycles, as well as those with PCOS and luteal phase defects.

It is also suitable for those with an infertility diagnosis (including secondary or unexplained infertility), and those undergoing ovulation induction or IUI.


 Is it the right for you?


This is the perfect choice for those who want everything inside Optimising Ovulation but also want the individualised attention of one-on-one support through consultations

Optimising Ovulation + all the bonuses (valued at over $3500)
3x 1:1 consultations with Ami (valued at $891)
Supplements review + reccomendations (valued at $297 )
Omega-3 testing kit and results review (valued at $60)
VIP Ticket to my Luteal Phase Deficiency Workshop (valued at $219)
Foodbaby TTC Goodie Bag (valued at $150)

Over $5000 worth of value!

Get in quick, only 10x spots available

$997 USD

one-time payment of

plus consults


100% of past students say they would RECOMMEND the course to others ttc

100% OF PAST STUDENTS believe the course offers 'excellent' value for money

the results speak for themselves:

elise, london

“Your course was the best investment I have ever made! I finally fixed my wonky cycles and got my BFP!"


understood her cycles

BELINDA D, melbourne

It helped me finally understand my irregular cycles, I have watched many videos on cycles but found them difficult to understand, so I just wanted to say thank you.

BRitnay B, USA

"I ovulated consistently since completing the course.. [then] yesterday my period didn't arrive when it was supposed to and... I'm pregnant!"

got Pregnant

Our past students

Because I know that this course will help you so much I’m offering a 60-day money-back guarantee. If you don’t feel more in control of your fertility and like you have transformed your diet to optimise ovulation by the end of the course, then I will give you 100% of your money back.

All you have to do is show me that you’ve actually done the work -because you can’t benefit from the course unless you actually go through it!

Sound like a fair deal?

Still unsure?

Sometimes the only way to really know whether a course is the right fit for you is to get in there and test it out, which is why I’m offering a 60-day ‘do the work’ money-back guarantee.

Do you want to keep trying to piece together a fertility diet based on what you’ve seen on fertility forums and Instagram, not knowing if and when you are ovulating or if there’s something more you could be doing?

Or do you want to understand your cycles, start ovulating more regularly and know that you are doing everything you can to get pregnant faster and have the healthiest pregnancy possible?

Are you ready to take back control of your fertility?

It's time to decide.

I'm ready

A cashflow friendly payment plan

$92 USD



Save $54 when you pay in full. 

$498 USD

one-time payment of

best value

ready to get pregnant? 

doors close soon. don't miss out!


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