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This free fertility masterclass will teach you how to optimise your lifestyle for fertility by making small tweaks that have a huge, scientifically proven impact on your fertility (without restrictive diets or expensive fertility treatments).

The one thing you should avoid when TTC

My signature framework for optimising ovulation

The most effective way to improve your fertility

In this free masterclass you'll learn:

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So TTC can be about more than what happens in your fertile window

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5 common mistakes people make when trying to get pregnant

My three-step framework for optimising ovulation will transform the way you think about your fertility

The exact strategies I use to help my  clients ovulate more regularly and get pregnant faster

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Join me in this jam-packed 60-minute masterclass and I promise to share the exact strategies I’ve used to help countless clients ovulate more regularly and get pregnant faster.

Fertility dietitian, ovulation expert, lover of food and squishy newborn baby cuddles. After my own struggles starting a family, I help people get pregnant (fast) and have the healthiest pregnancies possible.

Hi, I'm Ami.

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