Everything you can do to get pregnant faster (without spending a fortune on IVF.)


Of a growing bump, ultrasounds photos stuck up on the fridge,  and those tiny fluttering kicks in your belly?

And then holding your sweet, healthy baby in your arms,

A tiny little chubby baby hand wrapped around your finger?

dreaming of finally seeing that positive pregnancy test,


You feel left behind when everyone around you is getting pregnant

You have no idea what you’re doing wrong or what you can do differently

You hate that your body can’t just do what everyone else's can DO so easily

You'Re overwhelmed by all of the info out there, what’s right, what’s wrong, what can you trust?

You’ve tried a bunch of supplements, following restrictive “fertility-dietS” and eating pineapple core 

You think about getting pregnant everyday, maybe even every hour,

But it all feels so out of your control.

Does This SOund familiar?

"Why not, yet again, why not? We had sex perfectly, I think I’ve been eating well, when you look at everything, what am I doing wrong? What’s wrong with me? What is so wrong with me?”

You just haven’t been given the right steps yet.

No, there’s no magic pill or potion but there are real science-backed steps that move you forward without IVF.

Little things you can do everyday that have huge impacts.

How do I know?

Because I've combed through the scientific journals (and they worked for me and so many clients.)

It's Not Your Fault.

ready for The good news?

Since then I’ve helped countless people finally get pregnant. And I now I even teach other dietitians about fertility in the renowned Nutrition Therapy for Fertility course. 

And when it came time for me to dive back into TTC again? It felt easy. I was confident I was doing everything I could to fast-track my fertility. 

And now when I look at my daughter or feel a tiny kick in my belly, I want so badly to help you get to experience that magic too.

What I learnt led me to finally getting pregnant with my rainbow baby. Then I started sharing what I knew and helping other people get pregnant faster and have the healthiest pregnancies possible. 

My struggles lead me deep into the science on fertility and lifestyle and I soon quit my dietitian day job so I could focus on learning about fertility. 

As an Accredited Practicing Dietitian and Credentialled Diabetes Educator (over five years of study and literally thousands of hours seeing clients for medical nutrition therapy), I was plenty qualified to see clients straight away.

But I didn’t see a single client in that first year. I just researched. I went back to the biology and learnt every thing I could about fertility. I watched medical conferences, took the best fertility courses in the world and read every scientific journal I could find. I was obsessed. 

These days, I'm a Mama to a toddler and have another little munchkin on the way (as well as my two angel babies who didn't make it).

But seeing my little family and my growing bump you might think I was one of those incredibly lucky people who didn't have to even think about their fertility.

Unfortunately I wasn’t that lucky. 

Hi, I'm AMI.

meet your
fertility DIETITIAN

They’re not featured in a series of Instagram reels shared by “fertility coaches”, nutritionists or naturopaths, who don’t have the qualifications needed to provide nutrition therapy for fertility. 

They’re often not even known by doctors -
doctors know to leave specialty fertility nutrition and lifestyle advise to the experts like me. 

But there are things you can do.

Scientifically proven steps you can take every single day. 

To fast-track you to the healthiest pregnancy possible.

One thing I know for sure:

The real steps to get you pregnant aren’t google-able.

(Otherwise, they would have worked by now, right?)

Fertility Fast-Track helps couples struggling to conceive, FINALLY get pregnant (even if they’ve already gulped down a cocktail of supplements, feel like they need to “just keep trying” or spend a fortune on IVF) so that they can experience the magic of a growing baby bump, those tiny fluttering kicks and bring home their precious baby.

Fertility Fast-Track


The opposite to saving posts on Instagram about fertility foods. 

This course focuses on PRACTICAL steps that you will actually take, every single day of your cycle, to dramatically transform your fertility. 

This isn’t just a few boring pre-recorded videos and a PDF or two, it’s everything you need to know about a fertility friendly lifestyle. 
It’ll give you practical, step-by-step tweaks to supercharge every aspect of your fertility -all proven to work based on the scientific evidence, of course.
It's a top to bottom, inside and out, guide to finally getting pregnant and you’ll be supported the whole way.

As someone who struggled to conceive myself, I’m here to give you everything you need to take back control of your fertility and feel good while doing it. 

Let’s work together to bring home your beautiful, squishy newborn bubba.   

This isn't just another fertility course. 

Wanna know a secret?

Fertility Fast-Track steps you through everything you need to do to take back control of your fertility and teaches you how to do it, easily. 

Healthy Eggs and Sperm: If you're only focusing on egg health you're missing out on half the picture. ⁠

Optimising Ovulation: Because you can't get pregnant without ovulating. ⁠

Supporting Implantation: Creating a cosy and supportive home for your little one to start their life.⁠


If you're only focusing on egg health while TTC with a partner with sperm, you're missing out on half the picture.

⁠The health of both the sperm and egg impacts whether conception occurs as well as your baby's lifelong health. It takes ⁠two cells to get pregnant. ⁠Lifestyle can have a BIG impact on the health of both of them. ⁠

Eggs + Sperm



my Three part framework:


Dive into how chronic inflammation harms our eggs and sperm and all the ways we can help to reduce it. Assess your lifestyle and diet for sperm health health.

Based on your current lifestyle and the evidence, set goals so that you are doing everything you can to have the healthiest sperm and eggs possible. 

Not only will this help you get pregnant, it will ensure you have the healthiest pregnancy possible. 


You can't get pregnant without ovulating. ⁠But positive OPKs aren't enough to confirm successful ovulation. 

You need to understand your body AND get your hormones to aligned for optimal ovulation.⁠ Diet is key when it comes to your cycles and ovulation.⁠




So many things affect IF and WHEN we ovulate (trust me, I ran a whole course on this alone!) But no need to be intimidated, we'll go one step at a time.  

First, understand your hormones, learn to actually track ovulation, then identify any cycle red flags, then take action on them, so that you can feel in control and on the same team as your body and fertility again.

Then you'll become confident in balancing blood sugars and avoiding endocrine-disrupting chemicals so every meal - from a bowl of pudding to your Sunday night take-away - can be fertility friendly.


Creating a cosy and supportive home for your little one to start their life.⁠ 

To support implantation you need a healthy uterus, to encourage blood flow and support progesterone and your lining. ⁠And yes, we can do all this through small tweaks to your diet. ⁠




Evaluate how your diet affects progesterone, uterine lining and blood flow and set goals to tweak it as needed so that you are eating to support every aspect of implantation.

Understand the importance of your microbiome on fertility and especially implantation and complete the plants challenge so your gut and uterine health are supporting fertility, implantation and setting the scene for the beginning of a healthy pregnancy.

You'll finish this module knowing all the boxes are ticked and your body is as ready for a baby as you are.

progesterone SUPPORT

templates + RESOURCES

Every month you’ll have a chance to join our live Q+A and ask any questions you that you have. Of course, if you can’t make it live, you can submit your questions beforehand and watch the replay later. 

Monthly Live Q+A

You'll be part of a private Facebook community with all of the other Fertility Fast-Track students. Know that you're not alone on this journey, and get emotional and practical support from the other students (and me!)


You'll also score:

Every-done-for you template you need to make tweaking your lifestyle easy whilst saving hours of time.



 These boards are how I make my own meal plan every week, loaded with the recipes I love (and the tweaks I make to them to make them as fertility friendly as possible). They're fully customisable and suitable for any dietary requirements.


Recipes created in-house that tick all the fertility boxes plus are delicious and easy to make. You’ll turn to these time and time again.

My Signature Optimising Ovulation Recipe Book

That’s not all, because I want to make it super easy for you to take back control of your fertility, I’m also giving you these incredible bonuses:

Since you're about to get pregnant (!), this is everything you need to know for the first trimester: Morning sickness strategies, understanding ALL the food safety rules - and yes, you can probably eat more than you think, supplement changes to make as soon as you get your BFP and MORE!

How To Survive The First Trimester Mini Course

Let me guess you're confused about fertility supplements? I don't blame you, its a minefield out there. Here's everything you tried to find out on google and the fertility forums: what actually works (and for who), what doesn't (and what's actually dangerous) and how much to take.

Everything You Need To Know About Fertility Supplements Workshop

My eyes on your plate! You upload your meals for a week so I can give you personalised feedback.
No judgment (there better be chocolate in there!) just specific tweaks so you know you're ticking all the boxes to get pregnant fast.

Personal Food Diary


Foodbaby Fertility Fast-Track literally hands you the step-by-step roadmap for doing everything you can to finally getting pregnant. 

What will it cost you NOT to join? 

The only other way to work with me is through my VIP 1:1 coaching programs that start from USD $3000

Module Two 'Optimising Ovulation' was a full course on its own and the VIP version of that sold for $997 USD, and that's just one module! A third of what you get in this program

The supplements bonuses alone are worth over $1000 (and likely to save you $$$$$ on unnecessary and sometimes harmful supplements)

IVF starts at $15000 to $35000 for just one round (plus the cost of medications). One cycle only has approximately a 33% chance of pregnancy. We know diet changes can increases chances of pregnancy by up to approximately 70%!

Think about it like this:

Wondering how much this is going to cost?

A cashflow friendly payment plan

$47 USD



Save $66 when you pay in full

$498 USD

one-time payment of

Best Value

• Everything You Need To Know About Fertility Supplements Workshop

• Personal FOOD DIARY Review

• How To Survive The First Trimester MINI COURSE


 Know that you're not alone on this journey, and get emotional and practical support from the other students (and me!). Every month you’ll also have a chance to join our live Q+A and ask any questions you that you have so you never get stuck. 


Everything you could possibly need, cheat-sheets, recipes, meal plans, meal planning templates to suit any dietary requirements, and more.


The exact signature framework that supercharged my fertility and helped countless clients get pregnant fast. This isn't your typical fertility course. It's a step-by-step system for doing everything you can to take back control of your fertility and you’re supported the whole way. 

The Foodbaby fertility Fast-Track Framework: 

Now is the time to finally get pregnant. 

Join US

Because I know that this course will help you so much I’m offering a 60-day money-back guarantee. If you don’t feel more in control of your fertility and like you have transformed your diet to optimise ovulation by the end of the course, then I will give you 100% of your money back.

All you have to do is show me that you’ve actually done the work -because you can’t benefit from the course unless you actually go through it!

Sound like a fair deal?

Still unsure?

Sometimes the only way to really know whether a course is the right fit for you is to get in there and test it out, which is why I’m offering a 60-day ‘do the work’ money-back guarantee.

For you to bring home the baby you've been dreaming of

The ultimate end goal though?

Confidence that you're doing everything you can for your fertility

The healthiest eggs and sperm, so that you can have the healthiest pregnancy possible

More regular, ovulatory cycles so that you have more chances to get pregnant

A healthier uterus, ready for implantation so your body is baby ready

Better relationships with food, your fertility and your body

Improved mood, energy and hunger levels, less PMS

Be part of a supportive, loving community on the same journey as you


Hear from our past students:

This is a brand new program, but here is what people have said about Optimising Ovulation (now Module 2), which was previously run as a stand-alone course.

Fertility Fast-Track contains everything that was in Optimising Ovulation plus two brand new modules, many, many more resources and a whole lot more support!

100% of past students say they would RECOMMEND the course to others ttc

100% OF PAST STUDENTS believe the course offers 'excellent' value for money

the results speak for themselves:

elise, london

“Your course was the best investment I have ever made! I finally fixed my wonky cycles and got my BFP!"


understood her cycles

BELINDA D, melbourne

It helped me finally understand my irregular cycles, I have watched many videos on cycles but found them difficult to understand, so I just wanted to say thank you.

BRitnay B, USA

"I ovulated consistently since completing the course.. [then] yesterday my period didn't arrive when it was supposed to and... I'm pregnant!"

got Pregnant

Our past students

It is not some theoretical fluff course.

It gives you step-by-step actions to that lead to tangible results - regular cycles, ovulation, BFPs, healthy pregnancies and babies.

FERTILITY FAST TRACK is for those ready to make a change

Those who are actively or about to start trying to get pregnant, including those who are struggling to conceive, have had pregnancy losses or have an infertility diagnosis

Someone who is sick of wondering, what am I doing wrong? And, when is it going to be my turn? And wants to do everything they can to get pregnant and have the healthiest pregnancy possible.

Only those who are willing to make some tweaks to their diet and lifestyle in order to dramatically improve their fertility

It’s not for those looking for a magic fertility pill. Sorry but that doesn’t exist. Fertility Fast-Track makes following a fertility-friendly diet as easy as possible but you will have to watch the videos, set goals and make tweaks yourself.

Fertility Fast-TRack IS for...


you've got questions

But can't I get this information on the Internet for free?

You could try. Got a dietetics degree, extra training in fertility and 1000s of hours to devote to reading scientific journals? Because that's what it took me to uncover all the info inside the program. So much of the important stuff isn't Google-able or talked about on Insta or the fertility forums.
And if you do go it alone? You won’t have the support of a community or an expert fertility dietitian to answer your questions live every month in our Q+A!

How much time will it take?

The core content can be completed at your own pace. If you devote about 30 minutes per week you can have it all done in 12 weeks. (But if you want to binge, it’s all there waiting for you!) You’ll need a little extra time to do the activities some weeks (5-10 minutes) and engage in discussions as you like. 
The monthly live session will vary according to your questions. I’ll be sure to answer every one that comes in but I’ll timestamp my answers in the replay video so you can just listen to what’s relevant to you. 
(Ps. Short on time? The meal plans and meal planning templates, pre-loaded with recipes, are likely to save you heaps more than 30mins per week!)

When does it start and end?

You’ll get access to the program portal and private community as soon as you sign up for a full 12 months. We encourage you to keep up the momentum and complete the core program in 12 weeks but we know life gets in the way so we want to give you plenty of time. 

CAn i join later?

Sure but how much longer are you willing to wait to be finally holding your baby in your arms? Little fingers wrapping around yours. A chubby hand on your chest. Big eyes gazing up at you. That newborn baby smell. 
How much longer can you go on waiting, feeling helpless? Cycle after cycle, uncertainty, then hope followed by soul-crushing disappointment? 
In 3 months time do you want to be sure you’re doing everything you can to get pregnant faster and have the healthiest pregnancy possible? Then now is the time to join.
And the price won't stay this low for long.

How is this different from other fertility courses or downloads?

Foodbaby Fertility Fast-Track covers every aspect of your fertility that you have any control over: sperm + egg health, optimising ovulation and supporting implantation. It’s 100% based on the scientific evidence, no fluff or toxic positivity here. 
It gives you step-by-step guide to finally getting pregnant and you’re SUPPORTED the whole way. No other course gives anything close to this. 

I've tried diets and can never stick to them. Is THIS a diet plan?

No. Fertility Fast-Track will teach you how to tweak your diet for fertility without restriction. We are not about cutting out food groups or denying you coffee or your favourite foods or even a glass of wine. Trying to conceive is hard enough without adding complicated food rules in too. We focus on small tweaks based on what you currently eat.

I have dietary requirements, can i still JOIN?

I’ve only just started trying to get pregnant, can I still join?

I have (or think I have) PCOS/ENDOMETRIOSIS/luteal phase deficiency/thyroid condition/wonky cycles/ something else, can I still join?

Yes. If you have wonky cycles by don’t know why or if you suspect you have PCOS, endometriosis or a luteal phase deficiency, the course will help you identify any red flags and guide you on the next steps (including letting you know what further tests you can have and giving you a template letter for your doctor).

Since one whole module focuses on ovulation, this will be especially helpful for those with PCOS and luteal phase deficiency. 

For other conditions, such a thyroid disorders and endo, you may want to discuss further tweaks in an add on 1:1 session. 

If you have a complex medical history and want to be sure this program will suit you, DM me on Instagram, email or send a message below and we can chat further. I want to make sure everyone in the program is going to benefit. 

I’m already doing ovulation induction or IUI, is the program going to help me?

Nutrition and lifestyle are super important to having success with fertility treatments.

Ovulation Induction medications are designed to go alongside lifestyle changes. You still need healthy eggs + sperm, optimal ovulation and successful implantation to get pregnant even with treatment.

I’m about to start or already doing IVF, is this still right for me?

This is not an IVF specific program. The ins and outs of IVF are not covered. Ovulation during IVF is medically manipulated and prevented (eggs are collected prior to ovulation actually occurring) so you won’t be able to track your cycles. The hormone health covered in the ovulation section of the course (including avoiding toxic endocrine disrupting chemicals) is still very important.

You still need healthy eggs, sperm and a receptive uterus for implantation while doing IVF. In fact, these things are key to a successful cycle. 

Is this program LGBTQIA+ friendly?

This is something that is super important to me and something I am working on all the time. I am not perfect (please feel free to call me out if you want to, when I do slip up) but I am careful with my language and try to be as inclusive as possible.

The terms ‘people who ovulate’, ‘people with eggs’ or ‘people with sperm’ are mainly use throughout the program.

If you are trying to conceive as an LGBTQIA+ person/couple who are using donor sperm, then the sperm health sections will not be relevant to you. Please email me and I’ll send you a little discount code to make up for it. (As a rule, I don’t do discounts but this is a tiny way I can support both those trying to conceive on their own and those in LGBTQIA+ relationships, both of whom trying to conceive is hard enough for already.)

I am TTC with donor sperm, is it relevant to me? 

There are just two videos that are exclusively about sperm health that won’t be relevant. The rest of the content in module one, sperm + egg health, covers both sperm and egg health together. This will still be super relevant to you. 

Please email me and I’ll send you a little discount code to make up for it. (As a rule, I don’t do discounts but this is a tiny way I can support both those trying to conceive on their own and those in LGBTQIA+ relationships, both of whom trying to conceive is hard enough for already.)

Previous students:

A cashflow friendly payment plan

$47 USD



Save $66 when you pay in full. 

$498 USD

one-time payment of

Best value

ready to get pregnant? 

Do you want to keep trying to piece together a fertility diet based on what you’ve seen on fertility forums and Instagram, not knowing if there’s something more you could be doing?

Or are you ready to take back control and be 1000% sure that you are doing everything you can to get pregnant faster and have the healthiest pregnancy possible?

Let’s say another year goes by and you’re still not holding your baby in your arms, you’re still not even pregnant yet. Will you be looking back, wishing you started today?

It's time to decide.

I'm ready

doors close soon. don't miss out!



Still have questions? Reach out: