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Answering all your fertility nutrition and lifestyle questions in snack-sized podcast episodes. 

Everything you've ever asked about on the fertility forums (and more!)

You've got questions. 

Can pineapple help implantation?
 How much coffee is too much when TTC?
 Do I need CoQ10?
Can I have a glass of wine in the TWW?

And I've got answers.

Rather than get advise from helpful but unqualified strangers on the fertility forums or falling down a google rabbit-hole, get quick, evidenced-based answers to all your fertility Qs here.

 Short + sweet episodes
Easy to understand
Actionable Advice

find a comfy spot and join me every wednesday for:

A podcast made for anyone ttc


The one thing you should avoid when TTC


Do I need CoQ10 for egg health?


Does pineapple help implantation?

Coming very soon

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What listeners are saying

Nicola, dietitian

“I'm so excited for Ami to launch this podcast. It's packed with fertility knowledge. A must listen for anyone trying to get pregnant!”

baring it all in business

Your diet and lifestyle have a huge impact on your fertility and the health of your future pregnancy. Let me show you how you can tweak your diet to make it as fertility-friendly as possible.

Fertility dietitian, ovulation expert, lover of food and squishy newborn baby cuddles. I help people get pregnant (fast) and have the healthiest pregnancies possible.

Hi, I'm Ami.

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